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Life Outside the Hustle with Brent Tieri

Feb 10, 2020

Alex Kuhn is the founder and CEO of Vault Team and Vaulters Unite, where he works intimately with impact driven leaders to turn their purpose & mission into a movement that generates massive impact, fulfillment & revenue.

After stepping away from a career as a successful collegiate swimming coach, Alex has been fortunate to personally train & coach more than 5000 performance driven individuals including c-level business leaders, founders, professional and Olympic athletes, and CEO’s of non-profit organizations. He has guided these leaders to take over industry's, impact thousands, add $20-$100k/month to their bottom line & have more freedom to do what they want with whom they want.

His mission is to amplify leaders & their BIG vision so that they can build fulfilling businesses that impact lives, globally.

In this episode we dive into:

1. Alex’s gravitation towards leadership at a very young age.

2. Why Alex turned down an internship at Nike to take an assistant swim coach position.

3. Why Alex believes that many people who have core leadership skills may be turning away from roles where they would thrive.

4. The correlation between stubbornness and leadership.

5. How Alex’s swimming and coaching career helped him create clear communication skills and motivation.

6. Alex’s failed business adventures including coaching and personal training and why he believes most people fail in business.

7. The balance between building something you are passionate about versus building something that the market actually needs.

8. When building a business, the importance of culture and why your vision needs to be tangible.

9. Alex’s goal to fully develop himself to his highest capabilities and be his absolute best.

10. Why prioritizing our health is a key to leadership, but is unfortunately often overlooked.