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Life Outside the Hustle with Brent Tieri

Feb 4, 2020

Jonathan Slain is the Founder and CEO of, an author, a highly respected keynote speaker, and an expert on recessions & why business owners don’t need to fear them. Jonathan understands not only how to prepare your business for the next major recession, but also how to turn it into a profitable opportunity.

Jonathan believes that the savvy entrepreneurs are the ones making plans now, so they can be buyers when opportunity knocks. They’re looking forward to purchasing failing companies and hiring top talent when others are caught unprepared by a recession.

Having come from the world of investment banking, working on mergers and acquisitions, Jonathan has seen firsthand how businesses with successful leadership mistakenly hit plateaus. Now, working exclusively with Founders, Owners, CEOs, and Management Teams, Jonathan uses that experience to help best-in-class companies worldwide achieve their vision of success.

Whether working with entrepreneurial niche/specialty firms or large corporations ($10M+ in annual revenue), the direction and insight Jonathan imparts, positions businesses to advance to levels they dream about often, but rarely achieve on their own.

In this episode we dive into:

1. The biggest and most difficult lessons that Jonathan learned from owning a gym franchise and how he survived the last recession.

2. The concept and idea behind Jonathan’s new book, “Rock the Recession”.

3. Why Jonathan's actually focuses on being selfish and why this unique characteristic is most important to him.

4. The importance of being intentional with life planning.

5. Why recessions don’t always relate purely to the economy and how they are actually affecting business all over and more frequently than we think.

6. His belief that some businesses are actually “recession proof” and how you can adopt some of the same characteristics in your own business.

7. The types of businesses that do not do well, and that you should avoid, in a recession.

8. Finding the secret sweet spots to selling and buying during a recession.

9. How to get on the “bank list”, so that during a recession you can be one of the first to take advantage of the opportunities available during a recession.

10. The role that politics play in the economy.

11. How Jonathan personally gears up for a recession and how you can too.

12. The biggest mistakes people are making with their businesses before recessions.