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Life Outside the Hustle with Brent Tieri

Dec 9, 2019

By 35 years of age, Ashley Avinashi found herself suffering from chronic adrenal fatigue, high levels of anxiety and a sense of having lost herself in the world. The journey into parenthood had her question everything she had ever believed about life.

She had spent nearly two decades post-graduation following her dreams, beginning with a corporate role in a fast track management program to becoming one of the top sales and investment experts in the busiest market in North America. Despite a seemingly perfect life on the outside, her inside world was crumbling.

There came a time where she learned how separated she had become from her own intrinsic worth and intuition, working hard for the external and neglecting what truly mattered for her. Over the years, as she invested in herself honestly and leaned into her own truth, her entire life began to turn. The clarity emerged as she returned to her roots, and reconnected deeply to her true self. She began to act in ways that showed that she loved and honoured herself, and the joy followed. Patterns of anxiety, control and proving her worth were left behind.

She has since founded an organization called Raising Humanity, which offers a revolutionary path by which we can raise ourselves and our children. The hope is that the magic, or light, is preserved in us from birth, and future generations would have an opportunity to not go some many of their lives unlived. When we are heard and seen as we are, we can move past the old patterns that keep us from experiencing life fully.

Her most recent book, Ignite Your Parenting: Real life, heartfelt stories to help parents find balance and joy in raising happy children, can be found on Amazon.

In this episode we dive into:

1. The story behind “Raising Humanity”, and why Ashley considers it a “Global Village.''

2. The importance of parents feeling and realizing that they are enough.

3. How Ashley shifted out of “the hustle” by listening to the signs that the universe was giving her.

4. How a lack of fulfillment despite a seemingly perfect life was the red flag that Ashley needed to slow down.

5. How we can form and cultivate the habit of listening to our bodies and the importance of uncovering the recipe we need for rest and recovery.

6. The greatest lessons our children can teach us about true happiness.

7. The keys to setting ourselves up to be successful parents.

8. Why Ashley believes our strength is actually found in our vulnerability.

9. The cost of suppressing our emotions in our early years and why we end up paying for it down the road.

10. Eliminating the “quick fix” scenarios and putting the actual work in to better our lives.