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Life Outside the Hustle with Brent Tieri

Nov 26, 2019

Laura Garnett is a performance strategist, TEDx speaker, and the creator of the Genius Habit. She works with CEOs and executives to identify their unique genius and purpose, and craft an actionable plan to leverage them in their day-to-day work. She has consulted with organizations including Capital One, Open Table, LinkedIn, and Instructure. Prior to launching her own company, New York City-based Garnett Consulting, she honed her marketing, strategy, and career-refining skills at companies like Capital One, American Express, IAC, and Google.

Her book, “The Genius Habit: How One Habit Can Radically Change Your Work and Your Life” was released in February of this year.

In this episode we dive into:

1. Laura's career crisis she experienced while working at Google that led to her eventually to creating her dream job from scratch.

2. Laura’s “Zone of Genius” definition and how she was first introduced to the concept.

3. The best place for people to start when searching for clarity around their Zone of Genius and finding their unique talent.

4. How to identify your purpose, the difference between purpose and passion, and why one is more important than the other.

5. The difference between the “Zone of Genius” and a “Genius Habit” and how we can create habits and routines around what we do best.

6. The importance of being self aware.

7. Laura's book, “The Genius Habit”, which includes a “Genius Tracker” which helps take our performance to the next level by pushing us out of our comfort zone, a critical piece for success.

8. Laura's personal transition from being a single entrepreneur and growing her company to transitioning into business life as a mother.

9. The benefits of having a few deeper relationships rather than many surface level connections and how this changes as we move deeper into self awareness.

10. Why your “Zone of Genius” always stay the same, but can evolve and be applied in an infinite number of ways.