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Life Outside the Hustle with Brent Tieri

Nov 11, 2019

Steve Anderson, M.A., is a trusted authority on Risk, Technology, Productivity, and Innovation and has over 35 years of experience in the insurance industry. He holds a master's degree in Insurance Law. Anderson is a professional speaker, consultant, and "futurist." From business management systems to social media, Steve analyzes what's happening now and explains its implications for the future. His speaking portfolio includes presentations on the future of technology, how businesses can leverage the online world, and how any business can assess and use strategic risk to their advantage. He was chosen to be one of the original 150 "thought leaders/influencers" on LinkedIn and has over 340,000 followers.

He is the author of the Wall Street Journal and USA Today best selling book, “The Bezos Letters: 14 Principles to Grow Your Business Like Amazon”, where he takes a perceptive look at Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’s annual shareholder letters, extracting 14 key “growth principles” that both the large corporation and “solopreneur” can use to scale up.

In this episode we dive into:

1. Where Steve came up with the idea to write his book “The Bezos Letters” and how it went from an idea to reality.

2. Why the biggest risk often times is not taking the risk at all.

3. Why constant change is actually required to move forward and grow.

4. The behind the scenes research it took for “The Bezos Letters” to come to life.

5. Why Steve shifted the layout of the book away from chronological and into 14 main principles and organizational cycles.

6. Why Jeff Bezos believes that failure is necessary for growth and success.

7. The importance of allowing ourselves to be counterintuitive and how this principle has allowed Amazon to continue to grow.

8. The significance of the first letter that Jeff Bezos sent to shareholders and how he constantly revisits this message throughout his correspondence.

9. Why Amazon always maintains a day 1 mindset.

10. The secret 15th principle that Steve would add to his book.

11. Why the “Flywheel” is one of the most important principles, but also may be the hardest to implement.

12. How the principles of Amazon don’t simply apply to business, but also can be actively applied to our personal life as well.