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Life Outside the Hustle with Brent Tieri

Oct 25, 2019

Solo Episode #80: Friday Fuel:

"The faster and busier things get, the more we need to build thinking time into our schedule. And the noisier things get, the more we need to build quiet reflection spaces in which we can truly focus." - Greg McKeown

Too many of us have a full runway, with no room for new ideas or opportunities to land. True performance and productivity becomes possible by intentionally incorporating down time or "white space" into you lives.

In this episode we dive into:

1. The old paradigm around productivity and work.

2. Why our thoughts around productivity are actually keeping us stuck.

3. How we can stop other people from constantly filling up our schedule and stealing our time and energy.

4. How many of us are using work to avoid dealing with our own thoughts and emotions.

5. Why we should stop trying to "fit it all in" and why it's more important to be a "doer" rather than a "dabbler".

And so much more!

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