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Life Outside the Hustle with Brent Tieri

Oct 1, 2019

Tom Eddington is one of Silicon Valley’s most renowned business advisors and coaches and works with some of the nation’s most influential CEOs and non-profit leaders, advising them on everything from global mergers and organizational change to conscious leadership and life/balance integration.

His extraordinary journey towards serving in these capacities has been one that few leaders ever take. From transformational successes to severe and debilitating personal challenges, Tom developed a rare coaching style and practice that is as much of a spiritual awakening as it is a meteoric rise in the corporate world as an owner in one of the globe’s most influential management consulting firms.

Many of his clients come to him seeking a sense of serenity after years of working in toxic leadership positions. With a focus on conscious discipline, he offers them a unique blend of executive management guidance and spiritual coaching.

Tom’s wealth of life experiences gives him the scope, empathy, and compassion required to help his clients make profound personal and professional shifts in their lives. “I help them find a sense of living as a whole person by exploring a deeper understanding of their inner compass.”

In this episode we dive into:

  1. What it means to be a “conscious leader” and why Tom believes that we need more conscious leadership in the world.
  2. Tom’s personal business journey through corporate America to consulting to entrepreneurship.
  3. The health crisis that led Tom into digging deep in his own personal challenges and how he overcame them.
  4. The importance of looking at our struggles as a gift.
  5. Consciously knowing and coming to a place of acceptance with the choices that we’ve made in our lives.
  6. Why we should look at our lives as “full” instead of “busy” and why making this distinction is so important.
  7. The power and importance of being intentional with our commitments.
  8. Why our goals should not be the key performance indicators of our success in life.
  9. Tom’s journey and experience with Buddhism and how that helps to frame his outlook on life.
  10. The challenges we are facing as a society right now and how conscious leaders can help bring about solutions to these challenges.
  11. How the principles of conscious leadership can help with closing the gap between the obvious divisions in our country.
  12. How to operate out of a place of trust instead of a place of fear.