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Life Outside the Hustle with Brent Tieri

Sep 23, 2019

Bryan Falchuk, CPT BCS is a life and executive coach, public speaker, C-level executive and the best-selling author of Do a Day, in which he teaches people how to overcome challenges and achieve goals. Bryan spent most of his life obese and overcome by anxiety until he discovered the approach to change all that – Do a Day. Using Do A Day, Bryan was able to break from this pattern to live a life of consistent, unending health and wellness, and works to share what he’s learned with others seeking a happier, more complete existence. As Bryan says, people don’t change, lives do. His goal is to help people change their lives.

Bryan’s work has appeared in many major publications like the LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun, Inc. Magazine and more, and he has been featured as a guest on over 100 podcasts and radio shows. He has also shared his message across many stages, including multiple TEDx events.

In this episode we dive into:

  1. The catalyst for Byans “Do A Day” podcast and book.
  2. Our habit as humans to seek comfort, and the negative reactions people can subconsciously have when going through catastrophic life events.
  3. Bryan’s struggle with childhood obesity, including the mental and physical struggles, and the initial trauma that triggered it.
  4. How to spark the mindset shift and take action without having to experience a life threatening trauma or event.
  5. Seeing value in ourselves first and why self love is more important than seeking external validation.
  6. How to go deeper even deeper in finding our “why”.
  7. The power in asking ourselves questions and why the most simple questions are often the hardest to reflect on and truthfully answer.
  8. How many of us are using things like food and work as a means of self-medication.
  9. The pressures we put upon children and the flawed concept to have them choose their life path at a young age.
  10. Bryan’s “Do A Days” process and what that looks like as a practice.
  11. How to make purposeful decisions today regardless of your yesterdays and tomorrows.