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Life Outside the Hustle with Brent Tieri

Aug 19, 2019

Carlos Hidalgo is an entrepreneur, past TedX speaker and author. In his latest book, The UnAmerican Dream, Carlos rejects the popular "hustle porn" culture we live in today. He argues that recalibrating your priorities will in fact make you more awesome at your job, as well as other areas in your life.

The idea for the UnAmerican Dream came to Carlos in 2016, around the same time he decided to leave the first company that he co-founded. Since that time, he has spoken with too many people just like him that have invested far too much building a career and chasing professional ambitions, only to see their lives fall apart and be left wondering what it was all for.

The UnAmerican Dream is for those in business, entrepreneurs, and anyone who simply wants permission to step off the treadmill and explore another way of business that is not all about the “hustle”...which actually isn’t the American Dream at all.

In this episode we dive into:

  1. The personal crisis that served as the wake-up call for Carlos to shift his focus from business first to life and relationships.
  2. The important distinction we need to make between working hard and “hustling”, and why hustling actually stems from a state of fear.
  3. Why work-life balance doesn’t exist and why we should instead shift our focus to establishing work-life boundaries.
  4. How we should structure our days in a way where we can do maximum work in a minimal time.
  5. How to define our values and live them at work and how getting feedback from others can be a powerful tool in defining what’s actually most important to you.
  6. Why as a provider, it’s actually selfish for us to decide what others want, which is what far too many of us do when justifying the amount of work we do.
  7. Surrounding yourself with accountability and why having this is actually a sign of strength rather than a weakness.
  8. Why we should shift our focus from the outcome to the journey and the importance of disconnecting our self worth from our achievements.
  9. The important distinction between success and fulfillment.
  10. How Carlos utilizes scheduled therapy time and why it’s a non negotiable that helps him to mentally stay on track.
  11. Eliminating electronic clutter and living in the beauty of the present.