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Life Outside the Hustle with Brent Tieri

Aug 12, 2019

Jordan Dugger is the owner and founder of Dugg Aesthetics, a lifestyle coaching company. He is the Co-founder of Impact Fitness Academy, the 1-1 coaching program Transform 2Gether, and the co-host of The Flow State of Mind Podcast. 

In just two years, Jordan was able to go from a job in Corporate America to earning more than 20k per month coaching fitness clients online and has been invited to speak as an expert on evidence based coaching applications at a number of seminars and trainings.

In this episode we dive into:

  1. Jordan’s toxic homelife growing up and how this helped shape his drive and motivation.
  2. How failed businesses, corporate america, and passionless jobs, led to Jordan burning the bridge between his fears of failing and creating his dream “job”.
  3. Overcoming the “middle class mindset” and limiting your time with people who are not accepting of your growth without judgement. 
  4. How Jordan and his fiance found their passions and how you can find yours too.
  5. Jordan’s interest in bodybuilding and how this was introduced to him by his father.
  6. How Jordan and his fiance Erin landed on an MTV reality tv show, and how this tested their relationship and business boundaries.  
  7. Strict morning routines, traveling, and how removing yourself from the everyday grind improves your flow state. 
  8. The benefits of being business partners with his significant other, and the number one way he avoids conflict through communication. 
  9. Jordan's biggest business struggle and how he has had to work to overcome this in the past few years.
  10. The importance of being self aware of the fact that not everyone is going to like you, and why once you realize this it will give you power and comfort in sharing your message and story.
  11. How we self sabotage ourselves without even noticing.
  12. The importance of mentorship and self investment.