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Life Outside the Hustle with Brent Tieri

Jul 8, 2019

Winston Ben Clements was predicted to live a life of isolation and pain due to a rare bone disorder that stunted his growth, and caused his bones to be extremely fragile (fracturing more than 150 times by age 12). Despite his small stature (3 feet tall) and use of a wheelchair, Winston has taken a stand for a quality of life that knows no limits.

Nowadays he is a speaker and trainer, empowering audiences worldwide to break through their own barriers. Winston’s mission is to inspire 1 BILLION people to unleash their full human potential. In 2018 he delivered a TEDx talk titled “Your Limitations Are An Illusion” that has had a massive impact online. Learn more about his work at

In this episode we dive into:

  1. Winston’s life and lifestyle as someone diagnosed with Ostegenesis Imperfecta, or Brittle Bone Disorder.
  2. How Winston knew that he was destined for big things in this world as a child, and how he used that as fuel to propel himself forward even during the hard times.
  3. Why even though he was born with a physical disorder, he says he’s overcome more mental challenges than physical ones.
  4. Winston’s gratitude for the support of his family and friends and how he came to this realization at a young age.
  5. How his parents pushed him to figure things out on his own, and gave him the extra encouragement to be brave and proactive at school by initiating conversations and playing with other kids.
  6. Learning how everyone is essentially the same under the surface and for many of us we are going through the same struggles.
  7. Taking responsibility for your life versus living your life in a victim mentality.
  8. Why Winston’s mission is to inspire a BILLION people, for others and himself.
  9. How to stop letting perceived disabilities and limitations define us.
  10. The mindset spectrum and the tools we can use to keep us reaching for resilience and positivity.
  11. The personal and business relationship benefits to being involved in different networks.
  12. The 80/20 rule Winston sets for himself for following people on social media and creating content.
  13. Why Winston feels it is his responsibility to be proactive with his challenges.
  14. How to take ownership for your thoughts and feelings and direct them towards a positive mindset.
  15. Focusing on the things that you can do rather than what you cannot do and how Winston continues to struggle with too much attachment to the outcomes in his business.