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Life Outside the Hustle with Brent Tieri

May 13, 2019

Eric Hinman is an influencer marketer, CrossFit athlete, Ironman triathlete (2x Kona Ironman), angel investor, and fitness, tech, and hospitality entrepreneur. Eric is the co-founder of Urban Life Athletics, a fitness facility in Syracuse, NY, as well as Original Grain, a healthy fast-casual restaurant chain. He is also a partner at Fellow Gent, an aspirational media company for wellness-minded men, and The Endurance Squad, an endurance sports coaching company for competitive athletes. Championing innovative disruptors in the fitness, tech, and hospitality industries, Eric’s portfolio of investments includes brands such as Ten Thousand, WellWell, Fitner Technologies, Verlaine, and Swerve.

In this episode we dive into:

  1. How Eric transitioned from working a job in the insurance industry to co-founding a software company and eventually only focusing on passion projects.
  2. The importance of being aware of our strengths, focusing on our zone of genius and not being the jack of all trades.
  3. How Triathlons helped Eric realize he could control his destiny based on time and practice and how he applied this mindset into businesses.
  4. Purposeful practice and why Eric uses this as a basis for all areas of his life including business, fitness, and personal growth.
  5. Why Eric decided to go from a competitive triathlon athlete to leading an everyday fitness and lifestyle entrepreneur.
  6. Why Eric seeks out discomfort every day, and why he believes seeking good stress is good for your health.
  7. How to balance our body between stress and recovery.
  8. The power of using structure and routines to create freedom.
  9. How Eric is intentional in meeting new people every single day and how he build this practice into his routine.
  10. Eric’s struggle in “going with the flow”, and his efforts to work on being more open with sharing his time when it is not something that interests him.
  11. How Eric uses the way he feels to evaluate things rather than science and why he believes this approach has led to his success in both health and business.