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Life Outside the Hustle with Brent Tieri

Apr 29, 2019

Nelson Dellis is a 4x USA Memory Champion and one of the leading memory experts in the world, traveling around the world as a competitive Memory Athlete, Memory Consultant, Published Author and highly sought-after Keynote Speaker. As a Memory Champion, Mountaineer, and Alzheimer's Disease Activist, he preaches a lifestyle that combines fitness, both mental and physical, with proper diet and social involvement.

Nelson is the Founder & CEO of Climb For Memory, a non-profit charity that aims to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer's disease research through mountain climbs all around the world. Nelson has climbed numerous peaks around the world for this cause, including three times on Mt. Everest. He is also the co-founder of the Memory League (memory training app) and co-founder/director of the Memory League Championships (formerly known as the Extreme Memory Tournament), the only digital-format, tournament-style, head-to-head style memory competition.

Nelson has been featured on FOX's Superhumans, The TODAY Show, Fox and Friends, The Katie Couric Show,, ABC Nightline, The Dr. Oz Show, The Science Channel, Nat Geo, SuperBrain China, among many other media outlets.

He is the author of Remember It! The Names of People You Meet, All of Your Passwords, Where You Left Your Keys, and Everything Else You Tend to Forget.

In this episode we dive into:

  1. How Nelson’s grandmother battled with Alzheimer's and how this was the initial spark that inspired him to start pushing the boundaries of his memory.
  2. Why having a knack for something doesn't always come from natural talent, but rather having the interest and drive to train daily.
  3. What memory practice actually consists of, and how Nelson prepares for events like the U.S. Memory Championship.
  4. Memory techniques that everyone can apply to strengthen their memory skills.
  5. The effects that technology has had on our memory as it has started to replace our need to recall information.
  6. Nelson explains the concept of a “memory palace” and how this is his basis for retrieving and organizing information.
  7. The keys to getting something to stick in your long term memory vs. short term memory.
  8. Nelson's biggest memory accomplishments, including memorizing 10,000 digits of pie.
  9. Nelsons non-profit organization, Climb for Memory, which combines both mountain climbing and memory awareness.
  10. How climbing Mount Everest has changed Nelson's life, attempting 3 times and coming so close to reaching the top.
  11. Why food, sleep and stress are the biggest memory killers.
  12. The habits Nelson practices daily to be able to operate at a higher level, including morning workouts, checklists, and memory practice.