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Life Outside the Hustle with Brent Tieri

Apr 12, 2019

Solo Episode #52: Friday Fuel: Your Zone of Genius

Our success and ultimately our satisfaction is linked to our ability to find our unique zone of genius. You see, overwhelm and burnout stem from spending too much time on things that are outside of our area of expertise. So, the question becomes...What can you do better than anyone else?

Why is this important? Gaining clarity here empowers us to make changes in our life that better serve us and those around us. It empowers us to say no to certain things and opens us up to the opportunity to say yes to others. It is at the intersection of our passions and our responsibilities.

In this episode we dive into:

  1. The zone of incompetence, the zone of competence, the zone of excellence and the zone of genius.
  2. How to use our zone of genius as a compass.
  3. Why discovering our zone of genius is a must for success and avoiding burnout.
  4. An easy process for uncovering your zone of genius.
  5. Why most of us get stuck in competence and excellence and don't realize that we can reach another level.

And a ton more!...Interested in learning more?

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