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Life Outside the Hustle with Brent Tieri

Apr 9, 2019

Nicholas Bayerle is the founder of The Billion Dollar Body. Through a personal transformation in fitness, he realized the connection and impact his health had on his income, marriage and the power available in all of our lives.

Along with his wife Amanda, they strive help each man return to their true self - to push their body and mind to the limit - and to actively grow and be accountable to the bigger vision of their life.

Through innovative coaching and full head to toe lifestyle design, they challenge men to become their most powerful, confident, healthiest and happiest selves.

Nicholas is also in the process of releasing his first book, “The Modern Day Business Man: Success without Sacrifice”

This book exists to help equip, motivate, and teach you how to get your unique message out in today’s modern world.

"The Modern Day Business Man" is for the leaders of tomorrow who want success without sacrifice. It is for men who want to have it all – vibrant health, thriving relationships, and financial freedom – while upholding a standard of conduct and integrity that inspires everyone around them. 

A few of the things we cover in this episode are:

  1. Why training is the biggest difference between the “businessman” and the “modern day businessman.
  2. How to discover your talent and capacity needed to succeed in business.
  3. The importance of overlapping your passions with your responsibilities and why this combination is the recipe for success.
  4. Finding purpose in everything that we are doing through excellence and gratitude.
  5. The 2 different types of identity, internal identity vs. external identity and how to use our external identity to validate our internal identity.
  6. The qualities and accomplishments we should be looking for when choosing a mentor.
  7. The event that changed Nicholas’s outlook on life and inspired him to practice self care and care for others.
  8. Why your thoughts are different from your beliefs and how to interrupt the process between your thoughts transforming into feelings and emotions.
  9. The #1 way to build confidence and callus your mind.
  10. How changing the world starts with changing a household one at a time.