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Life Outside the Hustle with Brent Tieri

Apr 1, 2019

Tommy Baker is a writer, speaker, author, and coach, and host of the Resist Average Academy, a top rated iTunes podcast designed to give you the knowledge, inspiration, and action steps to live a life by design—never by default. After starting out in the fitness industry and running Tommy Baker Fitness, Tommy has continued to follow his passion for learning, teaching, sharing, and experiencing. Tommy’s contagious enthusiasm and approach to life can be seen and felt in the wide array of content he creates, including podcasts, books, videos, speeches and courses. As he likes to say, he doesn’t have it all figured out—but he loves the process

  1. The inspiration behind Tommy’s new book, “The Leap of Your Life” and why it was the book he had to write.
  2. Tommy describes why waiting is the most common factor he finds in people that have regrets.
  3. The difference between debilitating regret and hopeful regret.
  4. How to manufacture the missing urgency we need when we are stuck in the comfortable.
  5. The benefits as well as the downfalls of our minds natural ability to adapt.
  6. Tommy’s explanation of what he calls “The myth of clarity” and how to avoid getting caught up in predetermined expectations.
  7. How to discover your North Star and why you should do that before anything else.
  8. How to determine what leaps are actually worth taking.
  9. Tommy’s recipe for finding the fastest path to fulfillment.
  10. The universal tests that help determine whether we really want something or not.
  11. What to do when the initial excitement and hype of ideas wear off and how to re-establish that “why” that made you want it in the first place.
  12. The power of “micro leaps” and why they may be just as beneficial or even more powerful than “big leaps”.
  13. How to decide where to focus first when wanting to make changes in your life.
  14. How to set yourself up in the morning for winning the day and how a simple trick like keep your phone in airplane mode can set you up for success.
  15. The power of “No” and how you can use it to get ahead.