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Life Outside the Hustle with Brent Tieri

Mar 25, 2019

Betina Gozo is a Nike Master Trainer, a featured trainer for NordicTrack’s iFit Training program, winner of the Women’s Health Magazine’s 2017 “Next Fitness Star” and the creator of Women’s Health Magazine's Woman's Guide to Strength Training. She works with clients and top industry leaders as a fitness professional with an emphasis on strength training. Her #1 goal is to use fitness and training to inspire people to make positive lifestyle changes so they can live their most optimal life.

In addition to being a top brand ambassador, Betina has developed her own online 8 week interactive high intensity training program "Get After H.I.T."., where she takes a hands on approach with new workouts each week, live Q&A sessions and progress monitoring. Betina has also published an ebook series featuring dynamic workouts and nutrition guidelines.

Inspired by a volunteer trip to Kenya working with special needs children and adults, Betina recently founded The Dance with Mweyne Foundation. Through her fitness community, her mission is to bring more awareness to the need for volunteers for special needs schools and homes in developing countries.

In this episode we dive into:

  1. Betina’s journey from a bass guitar player to a Nike Master Trainer.
  2. How Betina continues to find the internal drive and motivation to stay in shape beyond the weightloss motives that drive so many of her clients.
  3. How Betina became Women’s Health Magazine’s “Next Fitness Star”, from goal to reality.
  4. Why strength training should be a key component to any workout routine regardless of your goals.
  5. The correlation that Betina has observed between a client’s willingness to push themselves in a workout and their willingness to push the boundaries in other areas of their life beyond their comfort zone.
  6. She opens up about her own personal health and fitness struggles.
  7. The importance of rest, recovery, and self-care and why we need to listen our body.
  8. The story behind Betina’s work ethic and how her mother was a cornerstone in instilling those qualities at a young age.
  9. Her non-profit organization, The Dance with Mweyne Foundation, and how she is creating an even bigger impact in developing countries by supporting special needs children.
  10. Betina’s goal to once again play in a band and collaborate with Beyonce.
  11. Betina shares her tips, strategies and rituals on how we can disengage and recharge from the chaos of everyday life.
  12. The importance of protecting our time and how the daily practices around this concept can lead to high level achievements.
  13. The steps that people can start taking right now to kick start their health and fitness journey.
  14. Betina uncovers the biggest fitness myths and gives us insight into the stereotypes surrounding them.