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Life Outside the Hustle with Brent Tieri

Mar 18, 2019

Jolynn Swafford is a wife, leader, mother, seasoned corporate executive and top sales performer with over 25 years of experience in management, sales, marketing and consulting.

Success early on in her career brought her titles and money, buy also left her feeling unfulfilled and disconnected from her purpose. In 2014, she found herself drifting into a dark addiction to alcohol and also a realization that she was addicted to a past trauma. These two things slowly became her identity and caused her to drift away from the big dreams she had for herself. It was then that she made the decision that she wanted to truly live and create a legacy.

Jolynn truly experienced a journey of going from addicted to annointed, non-believer to believer, and from unworthy to royalty. This is what she defines as Supernatural Success. She now combines her unrelenting faith with her business prowess to help others overcome limiting beliefs and build strategies for living a Supernatural Life. Jolynn is a Certified Motivational Coach as well as a Certified NLP Practitioner .

In this episode we dive into:

  1. Her “Times Square taxi cab moment” that shifted her childhood dreams into a reality.
  2. The events that led Jolynn to leave her high level sales position after spending nearly 25 years climbing the corporate ladder.
  3. The past trauma that Jolynn was holding onto and how she became addicted to that identity. And how Jolynn made the shift to using her past experiences as a gift to help others cope with grief.
  4. Why Jolynn decided to jump into homeschooling with her 2 kids and the freedom that it has brought herself and her children.
  5. How the power of proximity and alignment of energy inspired Jolynn to move herself and her family across the country.
  6. Jolynn’s vision to work with celebrities and harness the power of their platforms for good using faith and a sense of self worth.
  7. How many of us have lost our light and the steps we can do to regain it.
  8. The importance of finding our purpose and how we should be using our purpose to lay the foundation for future generations.
  9. How high achievers break through the “Upper Limit” barrier.
  10. The role that intuition plays in Jolynn’s life and how you can use your intuition to your advantage as well.
  11. How finding a greater meaning is the exact thing that keeps harmony between Jolynn’s work life and home life.