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Life Outside the Hustle with Brent Tieri

Mar 4, 2019

Jaiya is an internationally recognized, award-winning sexologist, best selling author as well as the creator of the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ and the Erotic Blueprint™ Quiz!

Jaiya is also the author of 4 books including best selling “Red Hot Touch” and “Cuffed, Tied and Satisfied.”

Jaiya’s mission is to help people claim their desires and gain access to erotic ecstasy. She believes that sex isn’t just something we do. Sex is essential to our health, our vitality and vibrant aliveness.

For over 2 decades of practice as a Somatic Sexologist and Sexological Bodyworker Jaiya immersed herself in the study of turn-on, ancient erotic rituals, tantric sex, mastery of sensual touch, pure erotic play, kinky dynamics, and the biology and psychology of attraction and sexual fulfillment.

Through client observation and clinical research she discovered a map of arousal that reveals your specific erotic language of orgasmic delight, a revolutionary framework for deep sexual satisfaction. She discovered we all have a unique Erotic Blueprint™.

Jaiya has been featured on; The Doctors, Playboy TV, Anderson LIVE, VH1, Good Morning America, and worked with countless celebrities.

In this episode we dive into:

  1. Jaiya’s journey into becoming a somatic sexologist.
  2. Why you should understand your sexuality before entering into a relationship and how that can benefit you and your partner.
  3. The social misunderstanding around sexual incompatibility and why sexual incompatibility is actually a myth.
  4. The biggest stereotypes around sexuality.
  5. How to recover from trapped emotional trauma from childhood and feel wanted and worthy of love again.
  6. Why Jaiya believes everything in life is orgasmic, even the worst parts.
  7. The importance of feeding your own eroticism before trying to fulfill your sexuality in a relationship.
  8. The Erotic Blueprint and how you can determine your own erotic language.
  9. Jaiya breaks down the stereotype that men are automatically assumed sexual and women sensual.
  10. Why we all deserve to experience loving connection and satisfaction.
  11. How the events in our life can actually change our erotic blueprint type.
  12. How you can start creating the sex life of your dreams.