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Life Outside the Hustle with Brent Tieri

077: Optimizing the Human Experience with Brandon Reese

Dec 31, 2018

I you were to look up free- spirited in the dictionary you would see a picture of Brandon Reese. Brandon believes he is on a never ending quest for peak optimization of the human experience.

He is a former collegiate and professional basketball player, who finds comforts and confusion in science, space, fitness, humans, and travel.

He is also a co-host of the On The Bus Podcast, which serves as a medium to interview, converse, and share stories with other young adults living out their dreams. They find people who have unique career paths, success, and filled with insight, to sit down and share conversations. They believe that collaboration and relationships are the drivers for innovation and happiness and that open sources and shared spaces allow for mutually beneficial relationships and in turn expedite growth.

In this episode we dive into:

1. How a childhood dream of being the next Michael Jordan took him to playing basketball all over the world.

2. Why a bus ride in Ukraine sparked the idea of starting a unique podcast that had never been done before.

3. Alternative lifestyle meets alternative adventuring, and how Brandon used an ad on Reddit to grow his team.

4. How Brandon ended up on a backpacking trip in Paris, under the Eiffel tower with a baguette, questioning different views on freedom.

5. The biggest lesson of Brandon's 10 month bus trip to South America.

6. Why he doesn't think that we are so divided as a country but rather going through “growing pains” and what it means to be a role model unto others.

7. Why podcasts are so popular right now, and what they give to people that is missing from their lives.

8. The importance of realizing that human beings don't evolve as fast as our technology, and how we need to realize these as “growing pains” in today's society.

9. Brandon explains what you have to do to be the “outlier” and how this will help you ultimately “win the game”.

10. Understanding the fire you have, and putting your dreams into action using social media to connect.

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