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Life Outside the Hustle with Brent Tieri

Oct 22, 2018

Matt Walker is a speaker, coach, author and catalyst for adventure. He’s climbed mountains on every continent, earned a master's degree in applied behavioral science, launched his own adventure company and written a book, Adventure in Everything.

Matt has led expeditions on every continent, summited 5 of the 7 summits, given a TedX talk, was the focus of a full length BBC documentary, fled an erupting volcano on foot, and survived an open night out at 25,000 feet without a sleeping bag.

He is an expert in how adventure - not just in the classic sense of scaling high mountains in remote regions of the world - can teach us how to live each day, and each relationship with intention, focus and humor.

In this episode we dive into:
1. How Matt uses adventure for personal development, growth and intentionality and how adventure can serve as a roadmap for greater fulfillment.
2. Why a shift in environment can be the greatest catalyst for personal growth.
3. How to use “micro-adventures” as a tool for growth and pattern interruption.
4. Using a 10 day personal challenge to begin aligning your values with your actions.
5. Why “getting out of his own way” was Matt’s greatest personal challenge.
6. How you can use both physical and emotional discomfort for personal transformation.
7. Matt’s morning routine to starting your day with intentionality.
8. Why it’s important to reset and how rest actually gives us the capacity for high performance and full engagement in both our personal and professional lives.
9. How to use the five elements of adventure as a roadmap for vitality, wellbeing & transformation.
10. How Matt looks at life through 2 different lenses to be both present and grateful for where we are at and still strive to grow and impact more people through service to others.