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Life Outside the Hustle with Brent Tieri

Oct 15, 2018

John Jonas has helped thousands of entrepreneurs succeed in their business by doing outsourcing differently. He founded, which is the world’s largest online platform for Filipino Virtual Assistants. currently has 500,000 Filipino resumes and over 100,000 employers from around the world using it.

What’s amazing about hiring Filipino workers is how it changes their lives as well. They get to work from home, earn a decent income, enjoy a generally higher standard of living, and raise their children by themselves which is a luxury most Filipino parents don't get to do.

John is an entrepreneur who’s not just dreaming of changing hundreds of thousands of lives, but he’s actually doing it! He wants entrepreneurs and business owners to know how hiring Filipino virtual assistants can help them move towards a life of freedom. He works about 17 hours per week, choosing to spend his time with his family rather than working.

1. How John built out the world’s largest online platform for virtual assistants.
2. Why the platform was built out of his own necessity.
3. The difference between a virtual assistant and a freelancer.
4. Why John believes that Filipino virtual assistants are the best addition to your team.
5. How John’s definition of success shifted from financial independence to his wife and kids.
6. How he evaluates every business opportunity based on who is going to do the work and only welcomes new opportunities where he can train someone else to do the task.
7. Why John focuses only on tasks that are going to pay off down the road.
8. The appropriate time to bring someone else into your business.
9. Why you should only hire other people to take over things that you know how to do, rather than hiring individuals for tasks in which you aren’t competent.
10. The importance of limiting the information that we allow into our minds, and how John eliminates those distractions for high performance.
11. Why John believes that the most valuable thing that he can do is “think” and how he uses that mentality to train others to actually do the work.
12. How living a life outside the hustle is all about living your life outside of the rat race.