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Life Outside the Hustle with Brent Tieri

Sep 28, 2018

Solo Episode #24: Friday Fuel: Why Unplugging Gives us the Ability to Do Better Work

Are we just working to work? Are we simply staying busy, just to stay busy? I have struggled with giving myself permission to check out. The problem is, however, that when we're always plugged in, we lose the ability to dive deep into many of the areas of our life. We lack the ability to build deep relationships. We lack the ability to get the deep and powerful meanings out of our experiences and we lack the ability to get into deep focused work that will propel us forward in business and in life.

If we’re always plugged in, it’s simply going to pass us by. Give yourself permission to disconnect and recharge. Our growth and creativity will make the greatest gains between our periods of work. What will give you the ability to show up ready and refreshed to serve others around you?