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Life Outside the Hustle with Brent Tieri

Sep 17, 2018

Michael Zeller is a highly successful serial entrepreneur that has helped launch and develop nine business in five different industries, bringing in over $1000 million dollars in combined revenue over the past 10 years.

After experiencing the game changing results of a mastermind, Mike decided he wanted to help other business owners do the same. He founded Rising Stars Mastermind Group in January of 2016 with a mission to help bring passionate visionaries and business owners together to spur each other on to greater heights and collectively become a greater force for good in the world. Mike now lives by one powerful principle - Don’t go it alone.

In this episode we dive into:
1. How to figure out what your place of flow is and how to use that to bring your dreams to life.
2. How to have a fun, fulfilling, and effective business.
3. The difference between designing the engine of your business versus being the engine in your business.
4. Why living only for ego and significance will leave us feeling unfulfilled.
5. The swinging pendulum that balances peak performance and recovery.
6. The 3 things that separate the very top achievers from other successful people.
7. Your decision making capacity and why it’s important to protect it.
8. Choosing discipline over comfort and how it can help you grow.
9. Why you will level up faster through immersion rather than than through incremental learning.
10. The importance of your environment and surrounding yourself with the right people.
11. How to break through your glass ceiling and level up your mindset for success.
12. How to integrate your relationships with your business life.
13. How creating and “play” can actually be the same thing.
14. The importance of being ruthless when it comes to cutting negativity out of your life.
15. Why we need to remember that we are a “human being” and not just a “human doing”.