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Life Outside the Hustle with Brent Tieri

Aug 27, 2018

Christine Michelle is the Founder, CEO, and Creator of The AlignedSoul Collective and Society, a Manifestation Success Coach, and Mindset Mentor. She has 20+ years of Marketing & Business Executive experience in 2 of the Worlds Most Recognized Brands. And during that time Christine has mentored and coached clients, friends, family, direct reports, and effortlessly combines WOO Spiritual as well as practical business tools to help guide amazing high performing women to stand up and step into what they desire, and help them actually HAVE IT ALL.

Christine’s goal in life is to help 1MM women by manifesting EXACTLY what they have always desired but thought they never could. She is driven by her passion for energy, vibration, and the law of attraction.

In this episode we dive into:
1. How to connect the “woo woo” with the “do” portion of manifestation.
2. The importance of taking action that aligns with your soul purpose.
3. Why despite what we may think, men and women both share an amazing sense of intuition.
4. Why Christine believes we should listen to our very first thought and why she believes that its actually our soul speaking in those moments.
5. Why real success and growth comes from us actually stepping into our fear.
6. How we can learn to trust our intuition by listening and taking action in alignment with the small things first.
7. Why the soul and your intuition don’t actually give you all the information, but requires you to trust it and take action to get the full picture.
8. Christine’s six steps in manifestation starting with asking to actually receiving the object or outcome you desired.
9. The balance between pushing and driving towards your goals and pulling your goals towards you with intention and attraction.
10. Understanding that everything that happens in our lives is actually happening for you rather than against you.
11. Why Christine believes, contrary to what most do, that there are really no bad emotions and that we need to be able to process emotions and work through them.
12. Why watching TV is ok, and how you can actually use it to recharge. It doesn’t always have to be about work!
13. The importance of clarity and specificity in designing the life of your dreams.
14. How you can use things that you don’t like or want to help you gain clarity in your goals and dreams.
15. How to live a life of freedom and how to couple that freedom with balance between our masculine and feminine energies.