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Life Outside the Hustle with Brent Tieri

Aug 20, 2018

Darren Casey lives his life through this motto...

'everyday is a weekend'.

He travels between the UK, Europe and USA, and soon to be based in Spain, living a location free life with his soon to be wife Gemma and their 2 pugs.

From a successful career running his personal training business', hustling 6 days per week becoming 'successful'... He realised time wasn't in his control. This lead to Darren transitioning online with the launch of his high level coaching program for high producers in business, the Rapid Method.

He then launched a fitness magazine with 112,000 readers inside year 1, sharing life and business wisdom from multi millionaire producers.

After 5 years of huge niche success online, Darren began helping other fitness professionals produce their own valuable 'assets' online... that gave them control to produce high fee, location free, 'High Ticket Signature Systems'. The Fit Pro Entourage was born.

Darren now focuses on growing the Fit Pro Entourage community of fitness professionals who produce high ticket online coaching programs, that grow in value and serve them first.

In this episode, we dive into:

1. Why Darren believes that everyday should feel like a weekend.
2. How he started his fitness magazine and used it as a tool to extract knowledge from some of the brightest minds in the fitness space.
3. The consequences that come along with always hustling and striving only for achievement.
4. Front loaded effort and why this is a major factor in how smart people work.
5. How a lot of people become addicted to the hustle and grind of external validation.
6. Why Darren believes that real success is being able to do what you want, when you want to, and with who you want to do it.
7. How personal tragedy led to the confrontation of his own mortality and how that shifted his mindset to allow him to take bigger risks.
8. The importance of hiring mentors and investing in yourself.
9. How eliminating the things that we don’t need helps us to create personal freedom and why eliminating the things that don’t serve us gives us the opportunity to do bigger things that provide greater fulfillment.
10. Why Darren things we should jump all in with both feet rather than keeping something as a side hustle.
11. How it’s difficult to give a side hustle the focus and energy it needs to gain any real traction.
12. How to manufacture urgency and how you can benefit from forcing yourself to be uncomfortable.
13. The greatest thing you can do to move yourself forward is to become and implementer and an action taker.
14. The top 3 things that Darren feels are holding people back from building their business.
15. The importance of being aligned in your values with your significant other.
16. How his martial arts background helped him develop discipline and how that has transferred to his life and business.
17. Why living outside the hustle is all about piece of mind