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Life Outside the Hustle with Brent Tieri

Aug 17, 2018

Solo Episode #18: Friday Fuel: Your Business is Not Your Life

"Your Business is not your life, your business is a vehicle to fuel your life."
- Billy Gene Shaw

How often do we allow ourselves to be wrapped up in our work? Where we let our job and what we do to earn money to be our identity? When we only look at and identify ourselves based on our occupation, we also have a tendency to tie our person value into our business.

Rather than looking internally for validation and to really assess who we are, we continue to define ourselves externally. When we detach our identity from our job, we give ourselves permission to seek value internally.

Change our dialogue. Stop tying up your life worth in what you do for an occupation. What you do for business. Take a true inventory of who you are and the value and service you provide to the world.