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Life Outside the Hustle with Brent Tieri

Jul 30, 2018

Nichole Sylvester is the International Bestselling Author of OH SHIFT: A Journey from Chaos to Consciousness. She is also a Spiritual Success Coach and transformational speaker on a mission to guide people home, to themselves and allow them to discover their innate power. Through her online programs, private coaching and retreats, Nichole supports thousand of people each year. She resides in Los Angeles, California with her beloved daughter and their dog.

In this episode, we dive into:
1, Nichole’s journey as a transformational coach and how Nichole herself was actually her first and most difficult client.
2. The incredible story of how her and her daughter escaped an abusive relationship and how close they may have been to actually escaping death as well.
3. The power of affirmative prayer and how we can use that to speak things into existence.
4. Why our logical mind often fights against our true purpose and what we are being called to do.
5. How living outside the hustle is actually about living in harmony with everything around you.
6. Her personal journey and struggle through drugs, alcohol, and domestic abuse.
7. The power of sobriety and how that sparked her mindset shift.
8. The healing process and the necessary steps one needs to take during mental and spiritual healing.
9. Why success has less to do with financial gain and more to do with living in harmony and happiness.
10. Why everyone that is meant to do something actually tries to initially fight the calling and the resistance that needs to be overcome.
11. How to integrate your business and create harmonious hustle.
12. The art of radical acceptance and how to combine that with holding people to a higher standard.
13. How Nichole recharges and disconnects by looking inward.
14. The biggest challenge that her clients need to overcome in the journey.
15. Why to listen to your inner callings and why not to fight what our soul is telling us.
16. The impact that our environment and surroundings has on our biology and ability to give.
17. Why radical honesty is the first step in personal growth and transformation.