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Life Outside the Hustle with Brent Tieri

Jun 25, 2018

Akbar Sheikh started out homeless and destitute on the streets of San Francisco. Tired of his situation, he went all-in, building multiple 7-figure funnels using sound digital marketing principles. In 2017 he was recognized as a top 30 social entrepreneur. He is the author of the Amazon International Best Seller 7 Figure Funnels: A slap you in the face with a cold wet fish blueprint on how to build a million dollar online business in 7 ethical steps.
He has since gone on to share those principles and other golden nuggets to help others reach marketing and financial success. He has literally gone from half dead and homeless to a top 1% earner.
In this episode:
1. How to develop the blueprint for your life and the action steps to make your visions a reality.
2. How money loses its force as a motivator quickly and how impacting others is more important.
3. Why Akbar believes it’s important to get your ass kicked to prepare for the real world.
4. The close connection between gratitude, patience, and the importance of taking action based on that gratitude.
5. The connection between living outside the hustle and our responsibility to make this world a better place.
6. Why Akbar believes his previous failure and struggle was actually tied to the fact that he didn’t have a clear definition or picture of success.
7. The thought that if you’re not growing, you’re actually dying.
8. Akbar’s secret to flipping on the mental switch for abundance.
9. Why gratitude and giving are the greatest habits you can cultivate for success.
10. His journey of starting his business and how he has started striving for better work life integration and balance.
11. Why the people in your life actually have a right over you and why it’s important for you to be there for them.
12. How Akbar strives to show up kind, funny, and honest in his life.
13. Why entrepreneurs have a responsibility to use their problem solving and entrepreneurial skills for good.