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Life Outside the Hustle with Brent Tieri

May 14, 2018

Leadership Expert, Executive Coach and Author Dom Faussette has been to HELL and back. Dom is a military veteran and prior Police Officer with 10+ years of corporate leadership experience. Dom is the CEO of ThinkReactLead, which is a company dedicated to pushing people past their limiting beliefs by bridging the gap between their mind and heart for increased success. Some takeaways from this episode are: 1. The think, react, lead principles and how to utilize them in your own life. 2. Dom’s journey from the air force, to a police office, to corporate America, and how that lead him to a career in public speaking. 3. Why it’s important to value you and love yourself and how you can use that to propel yourself forward. 4. Why to brand yourself and the power behind it. 5. Why setting major goals can actually close you off from life experiences. 6. Dom’s thoughts on building your own business and whether you should jump all in or start as a side hustle. 7. How to build endurance for entrepreneurship without leaving your 9-5 job. 8. How his experience as a cop effected his mindset and outlook on life. 9. Why your story makes you great and why it’s important to not try and act like everyone else. 10. How to set daily goals and the value of quick wins. 11. Dom’s methods for disconnecting and his love of racing Ducati’s and wakeboarding. 12. His passion for training people on how to tell their story. 13. How to integrate your business into your personal life. 14. Why everyone should be using video to build their brand and business. 15. Why to stop doing things for free and how to do things on your own terms. 16. Why it’s important to live from within and not always focus on external success. And honestly so much more! Thanks for hanging with us today and without further ado, let’s dive in with Dom Faussette.