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Life Outside the Hustle with Brent Tieri

Apr 30, 2018

Joel is the founder of Integrator and Co. which is a digital marketing agency that helps experts reach more people, scale their business, and increase online sales through funnel building, design and strategy. He is also the former creator and host of the Startup Dad Headquarters Podcast, where he interviewed entrepreneur dads in order to learn the secret formula for building a successful business without losing your family in the process. In this episode we dive into:

1. How Joel made the leap from a corporate IT job at Intel into starting and scaling his own digital marketing agency.

2. Insight into building a business that isn’t totally reliable on you and the strategies you can use to actually remove yourself from the daily grind.

3. How improving your health actually increases your productivity and capacity.

4. Insights into starting a service based business online and how that can be the easiest way to enter the online arena.

5. How Joel values time and flexibility and how that not only allows him to be there for his family, but to actually be present with them.

6. His journey into creating the Start Up Dad Headquarters Podcast and how he used it as a platform to launch his own business.

7. How the birth of his daughter shifted his priorities and provided the spark that inspired him to become and entrepreneur.

8. Online marketing strategies and how you can use that framework in your own business.

9. How his need to be perfect was actually holding him back from growth.

10. How lack of productivity and focus actually effects your family more than you.

11. How he took lessons from his time in corporate America to systematize and scale his own business.

12. Sales funnel basics and the journey you must take clients and prospects down to turn them into customers.

13. Building a lifestyle and career outside of the 9-5 without sacrificing your role as a husband and father.

14. How ballroom dancing led Joel to meeting his wife.

15. The importance of approaching your life and business in seasons.

And literally so much more that we get into in this episode.